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Team Speak connection info & rules for public use

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YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD+ to join our Team Speak!!!!!

When you join our Team Speak as a public "visitor" with the information and rules posted below, you will be able to enter only our "General Lobby" and not be able to move yourself to a gaming channel. Please hang in channel for a while and someone should eventually notice you there and come in and either talk to you or if you are expected already, drag you to the proper gaming channel.

Once you disconnect from Team Speak, you will have to follow the same procedure each time you join our Team Speak. If/when you apply for membership and become a "Recruit" member your premissions will be turned on of course.

IP:  (or betterwithage.ts.nfoservers.com)

Default Port



Please read our rules prior to connecting to the server. These rules are strictly enforced and "I didn't know" will not be an acceptable excuse".

Please follow these rules. Offenders will be kicked or banned depending on the severity of the offense.

2. Respect others.
3. No excessive foul language. We understand the occasional slip, but we try to keep foul language at a minimum..
4. No Racism. Use of any racially derogatory terms, names or slurs will result in immediate bans from all -=BwA=- servers.
5. Respect all admin requests. If you disagree please make a forum post. TeamSpeak will not be the place to air your concerns. Please just do as asked or leave, make a polite forum post and our staff will address it ASAP.

6. You must be 21+ to be in our servers.

Please note that there are no "HANGOUT" channels in this server. This server is used only for games and leagues supported by -=BwA=-. Use of this server for any other purpose can result in loss of use. This will be up to the discretion of the -=BwA staff.

These are just the basics. Please honor the request of any -=BwA=- member or admin.

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