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Forum Posting Rules

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We have just a few basic rules for these forums and the content they host...

1.) No nudity- Posting pictures or video links containing sexually explicit content will cause your thread to be promptly deleted from the forums, and your forum access possibly to be suspended or even revoked for multiple offenses.

2.) No racism- The posting of any racist content or the use of any racial slurs will get your forum access removed immediately and will possibly lead to you being removed from the clan. NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL! PERIOD!

3.) Be respectful- We welcome people to post about whatever they wish to discuss or share with the rest of us, but keep people's feelings in mind. Posting of any content with the intention of deliberately insulting another person will get your thread removed from the forums and your access possibly suspended. Not everyone has the same take on life's issues as you do, so keep your political views out of these forums.

4.) Sigs- Maximum signature size should be 600x300 pixels in size though around 450x175 pixels is a good size for these forums. Sigs should not be offensive or contain nudity as per our general BwA rules.

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