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Welcome & what BwA is about!

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Welcome to Better with Age Gaming, thanks for stopping by!

Our group was formed to have a place for gamers of a somewhat mature, friendly nature to have a Home to gather and enjoy gaming with like minded individuals, to build new friendships, and expand current ones.

Though all groups must have some structure, we see our group as a "family of friends" where all members can have a voice in all decisions, direction, rules, etc… of the group. A group where all members are treated and respected equally. We are an "open" group where full disclosure of all things and keeping ALL members fully informed is our desire.

We have some very basic requirements for our members (skill level of gaming is not one of them, and we welcome all, from new players to professionals). A quick summary of those requirements is to be 21 years old, and we require our members to be in Team Speak and to have a working microphone so you can communicate in game/team speak with us.

We do not allow in voice, type, tags, or anywhere any: extreme foul language, racist remarks, discrimination, trash talking, disrespecting of any players (members or public), unwarranted hacking accusations, crude or nude/semi nude sprays, mic spaming with voice or music, team attacking/killing, spawn attacking, hacking of any sort, or anything that impacts the overall fun and enjoyment of the other players. The bottom line is we desire a mature, friendly, clean gaming environment.

If you are looking for a Home where you can game with friendly, fun loving, mature people, then please check us out. We warmly welcome all like minded gamers to join us or play as pubs in our servers!

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