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HAVE FUN: That's why we're all here! You don't play an online game to be miserable, and we wouldn't have formed this group if we didn't enjoy playing games and each other's company. We all have fun when we respect each other and the public. Sure it can get intense in the heat of battle, but when the round ends, we should hear nothing but "good game" and "nice shot". The same goes for text messages to the public. Only positive statements. "Hello, NS, GG," do not bait or insult a public player in text, regardless of what they type. Let it go. Having fun on our servers does not include flame wars in text. If you have a public player that's getting out of hand, get an Admin. It's not fun to have the public complaining in our forums about the conduct of one of our own behaving badly. Looks bad for all of us.

DONATIONS: This entire group is member supported. All donations go toward Servers, Websites, Domain Registrations etc. All members are volunteers. No donations pay for any "expenses" of any member. They all are collected and spent on group services. A monthly detailed profit & loss statement will be provided to all members.

While donations are not mandatory, it's fairly obvious that nothing we do on-line is free. You have to pay for your game, computer and connection. We have to pay to provide you with a place to play, talk and post. Donations are collected through Pay Pal. We are very cautious with your donations and transparent to all members with the financials. Expansion or contraction of server numbers, quality, etc. will be based on the members input and financial support. All donations of any amount are appreciated.

We do hope all members and even our guest will do what they can each month! Think about the amount of time and enjoyment you get (or will get) on our servers and in vent and then think what you spend on say 1 movie a month or 1 dinner out, etc.. and then realize what a bargain a small donation each month is. Thanks for any and all you can do!

NO CHEATING: We expect that you hate cheaters as much as we do. If you are caught cheating on any of our servers, you will be banned permanently. If you are flagged or caught in a game that uses Punkbuster, Punksbusted or VAC, or in a league like CAL or TWL cheating, expect to be removed immediately until the matter is cleared up. It will solely be the flagged member's responsibility to clear this matter up. Once Punkbuster ,Punksbusted or VAC has removed the ban, you will be reinstated. Do not ever accuse a member or a pub player of cheating! If you think this is happening or have proof, submit the information confidentially to the appropriate staff member(s).

LIMIT FOUL LANGUAGE (in voice or typed): Remember, we are a mature group, but, foul language is not uncontrollable, and many of us don't feel that a constant barrage of profanity is fun to listen to while playing. An occasional slip of the tongue is one thing, but repeated violations may result in disciplinary actions against you, or removal from the group.

NO COMPLAINING/WHINING: If you want to constantly complain about every little thing that happens to you in game, DON'T press your talk key. (Ex: I'm lagging, my shot registry sucks, I am getting choke, hit boxes are off, etc….) Whine and complain all you want to your monitor. When you've gotten it out, rejoin the one's trying to have fun in chat and get back to laughing with the rest of us. Repeated "whining" or "complaining" will lead to disciplinary actions or removal from the group

NO RELIGION/POLITICAL TALK or RACIAL SLURS: Racism will NOT be tolerated here. It's that simple. We don't use the "N" word or any other derogatory phrase towards anyone person or that person's country when on our servers (voice or text) or forums. On our servers you will respect the members, their spouses, all pub players and their countries. This goes in ALL channels and forums. Also, this is a gaming server, not a political arena. Do not assume that everyone shares your political views. Leave your opinion at the door.

NO DEGRADING OF OTHER CLANS: We do not allow our members to go around and bash other clans. This includes posting on other clans forums. You might think that "post war" you got into on a non-BwA forum is your business. If it comes to our attention, it may result in disciplinary actions against you or removal from the group.

TEAM KILLING/ATTACKING:- No intentional team killing, especially in retaliation for being team attacked/killed. This includes ongoing, constant seemingly "accidental" team attacking, and that little quick team hit coming out of spawn. We expect all players to quickly apologize in voice or type as quickly as they can when they team attack/kill. We all hit our own teammates from time to time, but we should be trying to limit this as much as possible. Also, when team killed, please take in to account the amount of damage you took, the circumstances, amount of times that player has team attacked you and others, etc… into consideration before you pick a "punish" option in game.

RESPECT ALL PLAYERS: Do not insult members or the public on our servers. This includes in text or in voice. Do not call players names or insult them or make fun of their gaming style or abilities. Do not criticize them for "camping", etc.., or for making mistakes in strategy, etc. Failure to follow this will not be tolerated. You're on a BwA server. We don't care what the "norm" for conduct is on other servers; don't bring your "public" game in here.

CLAN TAG: -=BwA=- We encourage you to always wear your clan tag.

MISSING IN ACTION: Any member who is MIA for a long enough period will be removed from the active roster and placed on the MIA Roster.

RETIREMENT REQUIREMENTS: Requirements will be set in the future.

TEAM SPEAK: When on our servers, you must be logged into Team Speak and use the "Push to Talk" mode. This is mandatory. Please go in the correct room in Team Speak, don't chit-chat in the same area that others are trying to play. Move it to another channel. . You will be expected to fix a broken mic ASAP (2 weeks max). Also considered as a broken mic is one that picks up too much "room noise" when keyed open. Get a headset to reduce the amount of extraneous noise being transmitted. Do not allow anyone to log-in as you.

ADMINS: On our servers, the admins are always right. Please follow the instructions of the Admins. Failure to obey admins will lead to disciplinary actions &/or removal from our group

JUNIORS: Sons/Daughters are encouraged to game with us, but they are limited to the Junior channel in Teamspeak.

OTHER CLANS/GROUPS: By joining we expect that this is your only group/clan for the games we support, and that you will conduct yourself in a proper, respectful way where ever you might play. If you decide you want to be in a different clan/group, we expect you to resign from ours prior to joining another. Any game we support (and compete in) is considered a conflict and you will have to make a choice or we will make the choice for you.

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