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Can't Hear Teamspeak While In CS:GO?

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Windows has a default setting to enable audio ducking. This reduces the volume of other applications when Windows detects a program that is of a "communications nature." So when you open CS:GO, it reduces the volume of teamspeak to almost nothing.

One might ask, "So how do I fix this?!"

Farva might say, "I WANT PICTAR!"

Oh have no fear, I'll provide.

Right click the volume indicator in the bottom right of windows and click "Sounds", or, for those of you who don't have this system icon enabled, go into control panel, search "Sound", and click the main header for the sound section.

Click the "Communications" tab and select "Do Nothing."


After this is done, you'll want to go into your Volume Mixer (taskbar Icon: right click > Open Volume Mixer | Control panel: "Adjust system volume"), and max out the volume on everything so that all programs are at the same level as your speakers / primary sound device (or mix them as you see fit, this is how you make music play softer than a teamspeak which is louder than a game, etc. etc.)


EDIT: An additional note, CS:GO seems to be EXCEPTIONALLY loud as far as shooters go. I play all my Source games at .3 volume, I play CS:GO at .1-.2, depending on who's in teamspeak. Hit console, type "volume .3", play game. Default source volume is "1".

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And as in my case, if you find all of that is already done, turn the game's volume waaay down. then you can turn up the headphone volume and have both audible.

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