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Reporting an abusive player on your server


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I was playing on your TF2 server when someone posted a spray of Hitler in a speedo. That's tied to the complaint, but not the actual abuse.

I was overhearing the talk and someone started spouting praise for the german dictator. I said "Excuse me," but got cut off with with a legitimate response, stating that he was an underrated artist. I had a rebuttal stating the Holocaust. He denied it, blaming the soldiers. I told him I just didn't feel comfortable about the topic, and he replied stating that I did not know anyone who was a victim.

The reason why I didn't want to hear this is because one of my favorite artists is Mark Strauss, a Holovaust Survivor. before I could relay this message, he said "Wait, your girlfriend does not count, even though her genetalia smells like a concentration camp."

I immeadiatley muted him and sent a report to Valve, and this thread is a report to you.

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