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TF2 night this weekend

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Hiryu, I need you to sell TF2 a bit more for me. Where's the used car lot style post??

"Hey There! You Sir, Yes YOU Sir, the fine looking gentleman with the handlebar moustache...are you in the market for a first person shooter? 'cause you sure look like a gunslinger to me, i used to be a fair gunslinger myself in my younger days, and i can tell a hero when i see one, and you sir look like a gen-u-wine hero to me...what with your big muscley right forearm, pale skin, squinty eyes and magnificent belly. Yes siree...you look like a man that spends many an hour in front of the computer.

Now, i consider myself a fine judge of character, and  you look like a man that appreciates a good first person shooter...what 'choo playing right now? Left 4 Dead?...........................................................Pardon me sir, but i gotta say that i admire a man who takes the time to play with retarded children...shows you care about the simple folk. But seriously, what is your main game? Still Left 4 Dead huh?

Well, i reckon you done fell on hard times is all. There's no shame in it...but we gotta get your man card re-issued son! get yer balls back!...and i got just the ticket!

This right here is what we call TF2...them fancy initials stand for Totally Fricking 2rific!. It's got Spies, Snipers, Medics and Engineers!...what L4D got? a nasty fat guy that vomits on people?...All the Playas are playing it, and you should too!...why just the other day we had that "Haroo Can Shin" guy in here, finest TF2 player in the land...man's a monster! splattering brains all over the place! He got Cojones the size o' basketballs! Ladies just droppin them panties whenever he says "G'day!"

So you want the respect? you want the ladies? I personally guarantee that if you buy this game you gonna see a 110% increase in both!* or your money back! **

Or, you can just fade into the background and let your skills turn to dust while you play kiddies games.  Had a fella here like that once, name o' Cid...used to be a real bad@ss too...now he not even a shadow of his former self, trust me you don't want to go out like that...

Now, i usually sell this game for $99, but i like you,...so i gonna let you have it for only $89.99

Act now, this limited time offer is only good for the next 15 minutes and will never come around again!!

* Individual Results may vary, statistics based only on Hiryukenshin's experience.

**Money Back guarantee is not legally binding in a court of law.

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