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I was wondering if we could submit plugins for a single l4d2 server, Or are we against plugin's/mods?

I could help you config them, if needed.

The ones I had in mind were:

Crow's Annoying Item Remover 1.0 (remove health kits, EXCEPT the ones in the safe room)


Snare Speak 1.9 (Alltalk channel created between you and the person your attacking for a brief moment, you can still hear your team)


Smoke IT!  (Allows smokers to move while smoking, possibly dragging victim even further away or even around corner or off the roof.)


Weapon Unlock v0.8.1    (As you may already know, Valve had to reduce the gore in the German version of L4D2. This was because otherwise they would not be allowed to ship L4D2 there. So in order to compensate, Valve added four Counter-Strike Source weapons to the German version. Unfortunately, those weapons were never enabled for everyone else.)


Zombie Character Select    ( In a nutshell, this plugin allows any player on the infected team to choose their infected class.)


I didnt know who would be the one to ask about this so I made a post.

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