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Dr3m3r wants to join BwA T:A team

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Hey guys,

SO I am wanting to officially join BwA in the T:A universe. I like chasing down cappers on drydock, and getting in and out from behind on a back to front on Arx, have been known to knife a sniper and love raping the gens. I have a tender side as well, I enjoy sweet talking others with my fantastic communication skills "IM 20 OUT FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK", and my personal favorite "LEFT, LEFT, LEFT .... shit RIGHT!!!".

But in all seriousness since gosu split up I want to maintain playing the game with a team where I can have fun, enjoy the game and play comp with.

If you will take me into your group, I will gladly begin becoming Karms 2.0 ... .err.....

Thanks for your consideration


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