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  1. Not sure where exactly to post this so im sure this is my best bet.. Need an invite for Lupster2 and Lupster3 if you dont mind. I tried finding the clan on the list but had no luck.
  2. Nice! I love the quick response. I'm in TS now but I don't have permission to join the WarZ channel. Whom should I message?
  3. Hello, I just recently started playing WarZ and quickly learned I cant accomplish much on my own. I'm looking for a clan to join and have fun while enjoying the game that has taken my mind off of WoW.. I've played many games throughout the years and I keep trying the new ones out so I can judge for myself. I'm 33 years old and mature enough to be an asset to the clan. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. Lupe Survivor name: Lupster
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