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    Michigan.... WOLVERINES!!!! HOOAH!
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    PC Gaming, WarZ mainly but I also play LFD2 and DoD:S (In a 6th Ranger Battalion Realism Unit with rank of Staff Sergeant). Also do Civil War Reenactments.

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    S/Sgt. K. Green [6th RB]
  1. Hey WIlson, Really Awesome playing with you around Boulder City and get you and your Brother and eventually Stacey too soon. some loot. But best part by far was the butt-whooping we dished out while defending our Wet Building for that nice 30-45mins time. killing those mass amounts of survivors who thought they could defeat us and instead got it shoved back down their throats and out their asses! and the result... MASS PINATA EXPLOSIONS AMONG THE WET BUILDING AND LOOT SPRINKLED THE FLOOR LIKE SNOW!!!! MUHHAAHAHA was best firefight I have been in so far and damn I cant wait to get ourselves into an even better location and another firefight with even more BWA members watching our 6' and dishing out the pain! Cant wait to see how we all do in BWA Action soon, KG!
  2. Figured it might help motivate you to once again push forward and crack some skulls... lol... jk jk
  3. Hello, Im KG, or Kris I got to know quite a bit of you after killing one and getting the favor returned in kind swiftly. Afterwards I enjoyed playing with a group of guys that made me feel quite welcome. I am hoping very much to continue to spend time looting, killing and surviving the zombie apocalypse!! Hope you all enjoy and continue to enjoy playing this as a group for a long time! Sincerely, Kris (KG)
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