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  1. Fumz

    <3 to BwA

    Seattle. Which neighborhood is anyone's guess; the househunt hasn't technically begun yet.
  2. Fumz

    <3 to BwA

    I'll hop on when I have some time. Right now we're getting ready to move to Jester's neck of the woods.
  3. Hello old friends. Was looking at some old vods last night on my youtube and a huge smile came across my face as I recalled all the great times I/we had playing with you guys. I hope everyone is well? What games are you playing these days?
  4. <3 gimme vods when ur done.
  5. Fumz

    hey cid

    is it shark week already?
  6. Fumz

    hey cid

    lol, not much... sitting here bored... so i decided to play on teh internets.
  7. Fumz

    hey cid

    _C_C_C_/\_C_\o/_C_ SHARK!
  8. Is this the week you're away? If so, hit me up on irc when you get back; if not, let's roll sometime this week!
  9. Ahh, I see. No problem. We'll see what happens tomorrow and deal with it then. We agreed to your maps first, so we'll play them. To try and get through them all though lets bring the cap limit back down to 5. Just out of curiosity, did you join the KOF IRC from our web site's front page Java link? I ask because the link on our page is for Gamesurge and we're on Tribalwar. I'm in the process of trying to get that changed, but ... you know... slow moving wheels and all... Also, more importantly, not only did nobody say that I needed to come here but I always idle in our channel, so if you didn't see me, our signals might have been crossed?
  10. Hey Cid, How are you? Do you guys have an IRC channel? Please feel free to idle in ours. We don't care if you play a ringer; you can always get someone to ring in #ascend... at leat 50-80 guys idle there. Our plan was to scrim PubStarz at 9 and you guys at 10. If you're short Thursday and can't play, then we'll see if we can get the PubStarz to extend, but I think they're running another scrim too? I'd hate to kill the scrim 2 days in advance... you know how these things go... someone almost always shows up unexpectedly and then you're (at least I) kicking yourself in the behind for the needlessly missed opportunity. Turns out we got challenged by Meatboat, Tao's B Team, and so we're going to need all the practice we can get. We're DS for Raindance, Sunstar and Arx.
  11. If neither of us gets other maps in a challenge, then your choice of maps and sides is fine with us. I have a steam account, currently uninstalled, that I haven't used for years. KOF is actually my brother in law's clan and the Tribes guys just joined. We created the team for the Newbloods Tournament and KOF was nice enough to ask us to join; after all, we were just trashing up their Ventrilo anyway.. So I can't speak for the CSS division; I'm still just meeting everyone myself. However, they guys are great and I'm sure they'd love nothing more than to have another like minded (and aged, lol) group of guys to hang and play with/against, so hit up the CSS forums.
  12. Hi Cid, Nice to meet you too. We'll confirm Thurdsay right now, thanks! As for maps, I can't say yet? If either one of us makes gets a challenge, then we can just practice the maps to be played. If you want to play any days other, we're up for that too.
  13. Hi guys, Noticed you're on the TWL. We're a Newblood team too, Killer Old Farts, and wondered if you were up to getting some scrims going? I'll check back here, but you can find on irc tribalwar #kof or here: http://www.kofclan.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=index
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