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  1. Overall Bolt seems a pretty decent guy. If you want a train wreck of a sports figure who is just as well known internationally, then look no further to Mario Balotelli. Italian footballer who currently plays for the English league champs Manchester City. This guy is a tool. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Balotelli
  2. Most people say it's worth putting ten bucks into the game to get you started with unlocking what you need, especially if you're playing the game competitively. If you're just looking to have a good time with friends though, you should be fine.
  3. bahahaha video keep getting better
  4. I mean... the reason I do everything is because i'm a p1mp but you know
  5. I ran shirtless with a bag of w33d because i'm a p1mp
  6. Thank you much guys, I'll get to work mucking up the forums right away ;). Kinda looking forward to dusting off the TF2 demoman gloves and/or ripping out a AWP / Deagle combo in CSS. Do you guys do comp play or pub it up mainly?
  7. Hi all, I'm on Cid and Jester's Tribes team... It's really all I play at the moment but I played TF2 and CS extensively and figured if I start playing again I'd like to play with you all. Generally just want to help support the community. Cheers.
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