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  1. Hey guys just dropped in to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!
  2. I dunno RIggs.....Id have to sit down and think her over before I passed judgement Shew but I hope eveyone is doing good....I am currently working my arse off on my kitchen, redid all the lights and broke out some walls and removed some stuff here and there...man alot of the silly crap I am finding in the wiring is pissing me off royally...I'll have to break off and get in some CSGO with ya'll sometime and just chill.....p33ce!
  3. now Cat you know there is no P in Samson...howdy do all!
  4. Happy holidays fellows! from Thanksgiving thru Christmas, I hope each and every one of you has / had a wonderful and fullfilling holiday season. Myself I have been busier than a cat in 4 sandboxes with family issues and my sisters brother-dos but everything is going as good as can be expected I reckon. I put all my holiday OT to good use and bought myself an early Christmas gift of a 1911 .45, a Springfield Armory TRP. Also looking at the new Smith E series with the crimson trace grips. But I still havent got around to getting the harley painting redone. I cant stop riding it long enough hehe. Well take care guys and and take care of each other! p33ce Sammy
  5. For Riggs: Every year, Burger King restaurants prepare over 950,000 pounds of bacon for their breakfast customers

    1. SergeantBort


      That's way to much bacon ......

    2. Riggs


      I would argue that is not enough bacon :)

    3. MelonHead


      Amen Riggs. <3 Bacon

  6. Howdy!!! we have no shortage of you here.....
  7. not bad at all my only gripe is I cant change my settings on controls either to mouse or KB pretty smooth as 3d said even with just a lonely lil 470 GTX
  8. I hear ya Bort - came in for last of my 4 days to find absolutely nothing going on and the area I supply down all night....looks like a lot of down time today

    1. SergeantBort


      that's all I do.. i work between 6 and 12 hours a day.. and usually have no more then an hour of actual work on any given day...

  9. btw Zero what is the deal as far as gameplay? only on their servers (for as long as they support them) and is there gonna be a monthly fee to play like Old Republic will be?
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