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  1. g0at

    War Z Recruiting

    Dang. English is not my first language. What to do?
  2. Shoutcasts make for great whitenoise during work.

  3. g0at

    NS2 Gorgeous Update

    It is here
  4. g0at

    225.00 CSS tourny....

    yep. thanks! Count me in.
  5. Nice of Valve to refund my Warz purchase!

    1. Charlie Utter

      Charlie Utter

      You didn't like the game?

    2. Acc



      have to give it time bro

    3. g0at


      Haha yeah! It is quite the timesink

  6. g0at

    BwA Application

    Welcome! Someone will get in touch with you soon!
  7. g0at

    Hey guys - Done

  8. got into the steam linux beta!

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    2. Riggs


      I think I'll have to see it to believe it. People said similar things about games on Mac's for a while now and it still lags behind PC's unless you run Windows on your Mac

    3. g0at


      I did say "Valve", not all the studios. Valve said they'll make the source games compatible with the Mac and they did. Willing to bet money that their living-room PC concept will not be running Windows.

    4. FARVA


      Yeah Riggs...you have to see the 'big picture' here. Ziggityzow!

  9. g0at


    yeah, it is supposed to unlock at approx 1300 ET.
  10. g0at

    Usain Bolt

    He eased up. Again.
  11. g0at

    Usain Bolt

  12. Steam summer sale is on!!

  13. g0at