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  1. At least he didn't pull a (insert any of my other friends' names here) and say he came here because of me. He'd have hit the slow lane for approval. About time we got some more ID! folks in here.
  2. Request to change names denied. And by that I mean I'mma have trouble calling you anything other than Marauder no matter what I do. I don't like change. Welcome :) (I beat cid?)
  3. 'bout time kheggles! I'm sure no one will hold being my friend against you. Prag, on the other hand...that guy...
  4. Jester, I think bort may have discovered your password. WELCOME!
  5. Here is sub zero. Now... Plain zero.
  6. I know this one IRL, btw. God help him.
  7. i blame your inability to wwebsite as on the internet. also welcome.
  8. you posted in the wrong place because you're bad. you're supposed to start a new thread.
  9. as I recall, we picked on prag together.
  10. Commander, TAC reports cruise missile online.
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