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  1. And as in my case, if you find all of that is already done, turn the game's volume waaay down. then you can turn up the headphone volume and have both audible.
  2. I'm no good with words, so I'll just say I feel like the rest. If I can help at all let me know.
  3. Welcome shark, we are good people here as Cid said. We won't even count it against you that you're associated with those two. :)
  4. He puts up with me on his team, so I think his expectations are appropriately low. :)
  5. I love this guy's work. Be sure to check out the video link at the end "2011" a busy year. It's a highlights reel of all his stuff from last year. Even has a couple of genuine tv stars in there.
  6. I've played with the guy. He's a good'un.
  7. HLStats only shows two servers.
  8. Hey, it will probably be me contacting him and I'm way cool! Right? Right? Oh never mind.
  9. Another reason for a "don't like" button. but I resemble that remark. ;)
  10. Well it's about time! Glad to have you Gaben! Someone will be in contact with you soon.
  11. The mouse police never sleeps

  12. There's someone in my head; but it's not me.

    1. ColdShot
    2. Abomination


      Correct! One of my favorite lines.

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