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  2. oh....that sig is OLLLLLDDDDDDD
  3. The guys over at DICE have released a MASSIVE list of tweaks, rebalancing doodads and generally a wealth of changes. All platforms will be receiving a client-side update , with PS3 Premium players going live today with Armoured Kill. XBOX 360 and PC Premium players will go live with Armoured Kill on Spetember 11th. Non-premium expansion players will go live two weeks after, so September 18th for PS3, and September 25th for PC and XBOX 360. Here is the complete changelist: WEAPONS BALANCING Reload timer adjustments A number of weapons have had their reload timers adjusted to better fit thei
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do7kytMjGWg
  5. I'm not sure how many of you still play bf3 but armored kill is slated to be out next week so i thought i'd post some screens and a couple vids. SOURCE: http://battlefieldo....s-trailer.6021/
  6. is riggs the new utter?
  7. sup peoples! its been a while so i thought i'd drop in and say hi......soooooo..... HI!
  8. just in case you didn't know you can change your acct id and hince your in game name. http://www.origin.com/us/change-id#
  9. keyboard controls are fine....i just havent been able to remap alt mouse buttons like m3 m4 or m5. i havent tried any 3rd party apps yet either bud got some buds with razor mice and they say the razor app works fine in remapping the buttons.
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