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  1. Lol, stupid acc. sounds like a blast Jester?
  2. hey Acc! Hey Jester! whats up y'all?
  3. Will do Riggs, Its been a while Bud :)
  4. Hey y'all! Im finally on a new computer. I want to hook back up with you all. Shoot me off some pm's or replies, heck hit me on steam. Lets Party =) By the way, in your friends list i am now Cyan Rain. Cant wait to hear from you all :)
  5. Yea, it was stupid, it actually sent my info to an *ehm* Adult website, that sent a catalog to my house.... which my mother proceeded to open because she knows no boundaries andddddd i got in trouble, but hey what can you do. I have to admit it was smart on the trojans part. I couldn't detect it until it started grabbing stuff.
  6. Hey Yall, i've been on xbox alot, not for the reasons you'd think, my wonderful two year old laptop is not staying connected to the internet, and it is running super slow. I also got hit with a trojan that piggybacked on a Java update, it stole some info before i terminated it. So when im back up and running ill hop in with you all. Lookin forward to gettin my butt kicked, Fallen Angel.
  7. There goes the neighborhood! :) Loll oh boy
  8. Soooo Steam had a bundle deal and i now own both L4D & L4D2 :D :D :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: LETS PLAYYY!!!!
  9. hmm yea it will get to a loading page of a server and then just sit there spinning
  10. Lolllll. All I'm saying is its a little over dramatic how upset people can get over military games now. When if you think about it, do we really want to market these games in the first place? I mean you will hear all this hype about this but no one threw much of a stink over the last Grand Theft Auto that was released. I mean, yea these games are supposedly protected so that kids can't buy them. But that doesn't stop people from buying them for them or them getting their hands on a copy. I know an 8 year old who owns every single COD and MoH game. His PARENTS bought him all the GTA's and he is obsessed. He is hell bent on the fact that this and that are gonna die and such. They changed his way of thinking. I mean come on these games are games. Big whoop. Just let it go i say. So all I'm saying is it's over dramatic. P.S. I am one of a couple gamers who skipped the Russians killing everyone in the airport in MW2. So that said, i don't like watching US troops or any US people get killed but I'm not gonna boycott it because of that.
  11. okay, i bought the game, after craving it for fracking ever. Now, i can't connect to a server it just goes on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnn.. Never lets me in an actual server just stays on loading forever.... Soooo Help me?
  12. Hmm I'm not saying for or against. Just a little over dramatic if y'all ask me. BTW i resurrected my BwA account. Forgot mah passcode =[ But IM BACKKK!!!
  13. I have a bigger one on my Silencer for my Airsoft Sniper Rifle =) Silent as ever. You cant shoot what you cant see or hear.... well... I can XD
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