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  1. Lol spell check can't save me from absent mindedness. Thanks Zero.
  2. I know a few guys are interested in getting down on some more BF3 when Armored Kill is released, so I thought I'd post a link to show the changes in the recent preemptive patch that was released. Most notably flares have been removed from gunner position in helicopters due to it making heli's invulnerable to missiles when a pilot and gunner work together. Alotta weapon tweaks, looks like there are some good improvements.
  3. I just saw your FB post about Leah's passing, I can't imagine what you're going through, but I just want you to know your friends in BwA are always here for you. I wish you strength in the following weeks, and hope you continue to find joy in the time you and your wife spent together.
  4. Brutal rig Cid! I can't wait for it to catch fire during a match. Also I spotted your "egg" pretty quick.
  5. "Hold on a second Laura. I gotta wipe some barbeque sauce off my chin."
  6. Hey guys MurderMachine here (some may recognize me as Marauder), I've played alot of COD games with the BWA crew and its been a blast. Even after my computer died and I started playing on a laptop with like 15-20 fps, I've still been getting invites! Seem like a cool buncha guys, as soon as I get a good rig built I'll definitly be getting L4D2 and BF2:BC, 'cause there's nothing like playing with a dedicated + determined group of guys. Lookin forward to gettin that E-mail.
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