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    SergeantBort got a reaction from Gator Girl in Request to join BwA   
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    SergeantBort got a reaction from karms in Jourdan's request to join BwA   
    Hey I wouldn't say yo, and I have no issues with utter
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    SergeantBort reacted to Dr3m3r in Request to Join!   
    Glad to see nothing has changed..
    I apologize in advance for the moment you have to meet me.  At that point  it is Cid's fault

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    SergeantBort reacted to Twiek in Request to Join!   
    I'm sure that's why we can hear movies, TV shows, ringing phones, Ashley's jabs at you/us, etc. in the background 90% of the time you play, too
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    SergeantBort reacted to Rhukk in Request to Join   
    Welcome ! wow nobody jabbed MotoCentric for being friends with Karms we must be slipping. 
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    SergeantBort got a reaction from John Wayne in Request to Join   
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    SergeantBort reacted to Cid in Hi   
    actually we probably will, but welcome anyhow :)
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    SergeantBort reacted to Nani in Request To Join BwA   
    Thanks for the welcome guys, and who is this Ghenghis btw? He sounds like a mean person!!!
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    SergeantBort reacted to Charlie Utter in Request To Join BwA   
    He's very mean!!!!
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    SergeantBort reacted to Riggs in Request To Join BwA   
    That's correct, Ghenghis is a very mean person.
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    SergeantBort reacted to karms in Server types?   
    In regards to hardcore vs normal...
    Our server has 60% health, no health regen / no vehicle regen, and no kill cams.  Other than that, everything else is normal.  A sniper shot at 200m that is NOT a killbox shot (heart/lungs or head) will not kill a person in one hit.  A decent sniper will be hitting you with a kill shot anyway, which, even on a normal server with 100% health, with the SRR-61, which is what a lot of our snipers are using now, will kill you in one hit anyway.
    The main difference between 60% health and 100% health is how many rounds from an assault rifle it takes to kill you.  In a normal server, you gotta hit a person with half a friggin' clip.  That's dumb.  In a 60% health server, you gotta hit 'em with a well aimed burst to the kill box.  "But that makes it easier for me to die.  I don't like that."  No, it makes it easier for you to kill.  Running in the open without any form of cover makes it easier for you to die, and no health setting can stop you then.
    Battlefield has pretty much always been a game based on squad communication and tactics.  That, in my opinion, is what separates it from other military FPS.  Seemingly every other military FPS these days throws you into the field of battle and has you running around like a character from The Expendables with godmode enabled.  Battlefield forces you to utilize teamwork and tactical thinking to win.
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    SergeantBort reacted to karms in CSheet Audit   
    This is nearly impossible.
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    SergeantBort reacted to Cid in Creating Characters   
    we got it set now so that we can in a single window have roll20 AND shared character sheets AND webcam.  well done guys.  see sshot below:

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    SergeantBort reacted to FARVA in NS2 on Flash Sale for $6.24   
    Natural Selection 2 is on steam sale for the next 7 hours at 75% off so that brings the cost down to $6.24 for this little gem.
    As a double bonus, you also have a certified bad ass named Farva that will show you the ropes and have you biting off marine legs and riding Onos in no time!
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    SergeantBort reacted to DarkAce in TAW Scrim VOD - DryDock 6/26   
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    SergeantBort reacted to Abomination in TAW Scrim VOD - DryDock 6/26   
    .He must be right about the browser thing, because it is definitely not angled at all on my chrome browser. What eva.
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    SergeantBort reacted to masterfungi in MIA WK - Tribes Ascend Scrim   
    We will gladly adjust to 10pm. Looking forward to those fun times ahead.
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    SergeantBort reacted to John Wayne in Request to join War Z team   
    Our Team Speak info is posted here in the forums. Join the lobby when you are gaming and one of our recruiters = Charile Utter, Ghenghis, Bui, etc.. will talk with you.
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    SergeantBort reacted to karms in Strat Ideas...   
    I have a new strat: take a shot every time the enemy team caps, drink every time our team caps. GREAT GLORY TO THE ALCOHOL GODS!
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    SergeantBort reacted to Cid in Strat Ideas...   
    im grad you riked it
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    SergeantBort reacted to Nezron in Application for the War Z - Nezron   
    I will come online on TS as soon as I have time. I am currently studying for a exam. But later tonight i'll be free!
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    SergeantBort reacted to Charlie Utter in War Z Recruiting   
    Here are some basic rules that we have if you want to join our War Z Clan:
    1) Must be fluent in English
    2) You will not get access to our Private Server as soon as you join. Only Full Members have access to it. You will have to go through a 3-4 week recruit status before you are made a full member.
    3) You MUST create a thread in the "Request to Join BwA" area of the forums with your request to join. You need to go into detail as to why you want to join us.
    4) We have the right to deny any request to join. We have a good group and if we feel that you won't fit in, you won't get in.
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    SergeantBort reacted to karms in Hire Me! - Done   
    we're gonna need a boat to get to aruba.
    edit: BwA is getting a boat! I'll grab my flippy floppies!
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    SergeantBort reacted to Riggs in Hire Me! - Done   
    No, he said he spoke for everyone, not every thing. Therefore he doesn't need your confirmation.
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    SergeantBort reacted to welbourne in Application for Membership - Done   
    Hey Bort - Annapolis here. GB is just a few miles up the road. Send me a text sometime when you are in game. My job keeps me busy off an on so I jump in when I can. I will try to get in to TS this afternoon and meet the team.
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