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  1. Pm me when you are in SoCal - I'm 60 miles north on the 101 Fwy in San Buenaventura (aka Ventura).
  2. I loved the Nightmare campaign with the Haunted House. Download it now :D :D
  3. The incident of JW and the Hairy Buffalo is only a rumor at his point...until I post the photos
  4. I play most weekends and I enjoy the campaigns - join in :) I play only two VS per night- my limit.
  5. After Supreme Court ruling - Bush does "Crush Video"
  6. I think I dated her in High School :o
  7. Tks CU - I knew that I just can't help but spit on consoles whenever I get a chance ;)
  8. 560 Microsoft Points is how much in non-satanic currency ? >
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