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  1. ok and i just realized that i did not update my email it is now correct and thanks love to be back
  2. hello BwA i was hoping that i may rejoin if u have me
  3. good to hear that you all are still playing. Are any of you playing R6 siege been playing and loving it i do play BF4 to and some H1Z1. also i have been thinking on rejoining only if you have me.
  4. hi everyone, some of you may know me form a old clan but just stopping bye to hi and see if you all are still around and what u been playing
  5. hey everybody here in BWA just dropping by to say hi to everyone and to see what u all been doing what games and so on.
  6. hey everyone most of u all know me and just like to see if i can join u guys and get back to the old times
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