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  1. Hey guys im throwing a CSS deathmatch tourny .Ive already spoken with john about wether it was ok to post this here.Not trying to advertise just giving you guys a crack at the money.Its a Dm tourny the maps are FY iceworld and aim shotty.The prizes will be awarded to the most overall kills of both maps added together.1st place pays 100.00 2nd pays 75.00 and third pays 50.00.If enough sign up we will also have a bonus map 25.00 winner takes all.You will have to sign up to participate...once again not trying to advertise or recruit anyone...alot of you guys are my friends and ide just as soon you win as joe blow.XXL GAMERS is the web site.Hope to see some of you at the tourny......acc shine up that rusty rifle and win you some money bro!
  2. To you guys and all your familys.
  3. Ok we finally have our shit together over here.......We have a CEVO server up and running.We have war mode enabled,to join your dx level has to be set to 8.1.If you guys wanna play on our server our yours it doesnt matter.We are really green as a team so try not to give us too much crap.I personally will love doing this and cant wait so our only thing is we need it to after 9:00 est. the day doesnt really matter.Let us know cause we need practice and most of you guys are pretty damn good.One of you guys oughta join our forums so communication can be at its peak.?....just a thought.
  4. I was wondering if maybe you guys would like to have a scrim against me and four of my XXL/ConVict clan mates?I will check back later.Hope all you guys are doing well!Peace.
  5. Whats happening Runt...long time no see!
  6. Acc is challenged enough without my help......LMAO!!! ;D ;D ;D
  7. Whats happening bro......i will try to knife ya if i see ya in the servers!
  8. Overkill-ironbound.......testament-formation of damnnation!!!!THRASH METAL RULZ!!!!!!!!
  9. Ive intercepted alot of your ammo as well!Welcome aboard bro! ;D
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