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  1. Hello Pete - welcome to the show!
  2. Thanks for everyone's attention/assistance in this little matter of mine :)
  3. Ok, now I'm definitely confused :D because looking at my BwA signature in my posts lists me at 15+ hours. Also, since the moment I have joined BwA I have updated my tag to reflect that of a clan member and haven't removed it. I think the reality of it is I need a lil' bit of patience ;D
  4. Thanks again everyone for your timely responses. This is the first time I have actually joined a clan and everyone here has been very friendly and helpful.
  5. Excellent - thanks for the reply's. So, will my status eventually change to [M] after a certain timeframe?
  6. Currently, my Ventrilo tag appears as '[bC] _twilight_'. I haven't run across anyone else with the prefix of '[bC]' in their tag, however I have seen '[M]' and '[@]'. My thought is that '[bC]' = Boot Camp, ['M]' = Member. Could someone shed some light on this please? Thanks! _twilight_
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