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  1. ....aka it's Friday and I don't feel like being at work...
  2. -=BwA=- has a Battlefield 4 server up and running!! Info below... Server name: BwAGaming.com | Mixed Mode | 32 Slot | NFO - InterNAP Atlanta Standard rules for a server, nothing special.
  3. Natural Selection 2 is on steam sale for the next 7 hours at 75% off so that brings the cost down to $6.24 for this little gem. As a double bonus, you also have a certified bad ass named Farva that will show you the ropes and have you biting off marine legs and riding Onos in no time! http://store.steampo...d.com/app/4920/
  4. Admit it, it just wouldn’t be an Unknown Worlds product if we didn’t push the release date right down to the wire. The Gorgeous release date is February 28th! We were originally aiming for the week of 19 – 22 February, but decided to give the update an extra week to scrub more bugs and fine tune the new content. Gorgeous is free, and will be automatically delivered by Steam as Build 240. If you own NS2, you won’t have to do anything to get it. It includes Railguns, Gorge Tunnels, Descent, and quite a few fun surprises. Alongside the 13 previous ‘maintenance’ builds, Gorgeous is what the entire UWE team has been working on for the past two months. Alongside the headline grabbing ‘big new guns and abilities,’ Gorgeous contains countless subtle improvements and fixes. The Spark Engine has a couple of new graphical tricks up its sleeve to make the game look better, and is running ever faster as it is tuned for more performance. Existing abilities and weapons have been tweaked for more fun and subtle balance changes made. Tomorrow, we will publish the exact timing for the release of Gorgeous, and what you can do to help spread the word. These days, it is rare for PC games to receive ‘expansion’ style content updates for free. ‘Season Passes,’ ‘Map-Packs,’ and ‘DLC’ are the norm. We’re proud that Gorgeous is breaking the norm, and hope you’ll help us tell the world about it when it goes live!
  5. Imagine if one came down in that same fashion (fragmenting at low altitude) in a major city instead of some remote region...you'd not only have glass breaking out of those nice glass-box style skyscrapers from the pressure of the explosion, but you'd also have chunks of rock flying THROUGH buildings at over 30,000 MPH even after the explosion...a Boeing 747 cruises at around a mere 550 MPH...
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pXT_B4kx6YA
  7. One of the yahoo posters made me LOL:
  8. ...of the end. http://news.yahoo.com/possible-meteor-shower-reported-eastern-russia-052833588.html
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