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  1. Welcome target, we'll get you on board ASAP!
  2. Nani is a horrible person... dont let him in...
  3. Hello! What games are you interested in?
  4. I'll talk to him alright... Yes, but seriously, pop in and enjoy!
  5. Sounds good.. it was me in the server.. I'll setup a time to get with you in TeamSpeak, and start the process!
  6. We do have a WarZ forum, catch us in TeamSpeak tomorrow, we can walk you thru..
  7. Hi Superfox, check into out TS server, and we'll get back with ya!
  8. I'm not sure if anyone is there to drag you to channel.. Monday, everyone's busy!! We'll be on later though!
  9. Good running with you last night!
  10. Hey Trueman, thanks for filling out the app for BwA! One of us will be with you in short term...
  11. Nice playing last night!! Safe zone runs in daylight take years off my life!!
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