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  1. Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove..... Sup.
  2. 10/10 Would recommend not chasing Utter naked with rocks.
  3. Welcome. Someone will be with you soon to discuss this.
  4. The group 'herd' that you like puns, dawg.
  5. I think that Utter shall be henceforth known as 'Charilie'. Chair-i-lee.
  6. jester

    <3 to BwA

    We live in Snohomish, about 45 minutes north of Downtown, just east of Everett.
  7. So Half-Life is Enders Game...
  8. Ah, a legitimate excuse to not work and play games.
  9. As long as he "wipes" afterwards he will be fine. And welcome!
  10. Wait, I thought it was listed under /r crawlingsimulators j/k Welcome.
  11. Yo, welcome to one of the best, mature gaming groups on the internet. Don't let Utter fool ya!
  12. Cool, I will introduce you to my other friends, Veni and Vidi...
  13. I would much rather be a buttload of nothing, than not amounting to anything!
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