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  1. GREAT, now utter has a husband AND a wife. moar drama.
  2. there goes the neighborhood
  3. Cid

    <3 to BwA

    hey fumz! everyone is well, hope you are too. good to hear from you. most folks playing either h1z1 or cod:aw but there are the usual scattered players in other games too. you should come hang out in TS with us some night. most of us are on every night, would love to see ya.
  4. omg, you are his real life brother? i dont think i have ever felt sorrow like that for someone before. my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  5. sup. we are playing a variety. some play cod, some csgo, some ISS and then a variety of other games (archage, borderlands, etc).
  6. team stacking pub stomps is our specialty, welcome aboard, see utter in teamspeak for the intro to the group. once he is done i will alter your privileges to allow you to see the private forums, etc. glad to have you on board, look forward to playing some cod with you, we have several GO players also on a daily basis.
  7. welcome someone will be with you to get you all setup
  8. unfortunately it will likely be utter, which should change that whole 'liking what our clan is all about' stance.
  9. until burpee experiences utter's other 10 syndromes...
  10. thanks for liking the way we operate. unfortunately, at some point you'll meet utter and that will change. but for now, thanks. saw you playing with the group in insurgency tonight, welcome. I do DnD on tuesdays but ill see you other nights. glad to have you join.
  11. Welcome aboard Joal. I spoke with BDuke about your application last night, sounds like Utter will be able to fast track you through our process pretty quickly. Nice to have you around.
  12. actually we probably will, but welcome anyhow :)
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