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  1. Funny. As I "grow up" I am agreeing more and more with CAT. I was more interested in watching a full day of Whitney Houston memorial services than knowing that "the ban" has been lifted. ...and with a whimper, the blood feud is settled. ROFL! gg, MM
  2. Winning is on my mind!

  3. ROFL...MM Pwnage!

    1. MikE3D


      sounds like an oxymoron

    2. Cid


      without the oxy

  4. Racing to the FF title!!!!!!

  5. today sucks. gg, MM

    1. karms


      less whining, more pew pew

    2. SergeantBort


      at least it's friday

  6. sounds like to other BWA that we bump into once and a while.
  7. Winning? I bet Stafford will go off for 50. If I lose this week, I quit.

  8. I hate Miami and New England. Butters just messed his shorts, I'm sure.

    1. SergeantBort


      you haven't updated your status in a week... that's not winning

  9. I hate Miami and New England. Butters just messed his shorts, I'm sure.

  10. fantasy football...yeah baby...

  11. CID. sign up now! this is not a request.

  12. Evil Plans are Brewing!

    1. SergeantBort


      as long as beer in involved.. because brewing and beer go hand in hand

  13. I spent a couple hour on the runway in Dulles wanting to get home, but not wanting to get crashed. The weather finally cleared by about 9pm and I got to go home.
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