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  1. Glad you signed up! See you in the servers.
  2. Sammy, Give "Scum Of The Earth - Blah Blah Blah Love Songs For The New Millenium" a listen.
  3. tanklewis


    Dubrow, Unfortunately you don’t meet the age requirement for BwA membership at this time. However, you are welcome to play in the servers whenever you wish. Our general forums are available to you as well. We pride ourselves in providing servers that are fast, supervised, and fun for everyone. If you ever have any problems there will most likely be an admin or member in game who will be happy to help you. If not, feel free to post in the forums. We have a number of “regulars” who are not members but call BwA home. We would be happy to count you among them! See you inside! Tank
  4. Hey DOX glad you found us! Make yourself at home.
  5. Glad you found the forums Samson, about time!
  6. Glad you gave us another chance. You would have missed out on a fun group!
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