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  1. sup Yor! Welcome to the fold brother.
  2. yeah man you played well. good to see you in the servers!
  3. we have to deal with acc on a daily basis. so we are used to this...
  4. Great video Electrical Wire Tears Apart Tree
  5. TOOL


    my brother Riggs. this is my favorite time of the year!
  6. yeah everyone lets all make fun of the guys you left behind in eve to join a bigger corp. roflmao
  7. i haven't seen this video in years! whistle tips go wooooooooooooo!
  8. the people in the bar were trying to figure out if he was the green one or the yellow one...
  9. this video was 5 minutes presplash.
  10. Here is a video of Jambie doing his best Eminem. I did not record this one.
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