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  1. Welcome, looking forward to seeing you in game!
  2. Welcome! Interesting aside . . . you're our 300th members of these forums :D
  3. You're going to fit in just fine around here ;)
  4. Cool thanks for putting in an app, great bunch of guys here. What's your primary game?
  5. Hey man good to see that you are alive. I had no idea you looked so ferocious. I will no longer kill you in CS, but instead simply throw down my gun and surrender if we're on opposite sides ;) Saving for a nestegg, saving for newegg, not so different. Get your priorities straight :D.
  6. Welcome Lumpy, sounds like you're going to fit in just fine. Feel free to post pics of those 'funny little European' cars you mentioned ;-)
  7. Nice try, but I have it on good info that he lives like 10 time zones away!
  8. Hey Pocky, thanks for the app! We'll be getting with you shortly.
  9. Lunch & beer on me if you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
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