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  1. Twiek

    Request to join BwA

    I was playing Insurgency. On VOX.
  2. Twiek

    Request to Join!

    I'm sure that's why we can hear movies, TV shows, ringing phones, Ashley's jabs at you/us, etc. in the background 90% of the time you play, too
  3. Twiek

    Request to Join!

    Hey now, that was a one off thing... I don't make a habit of it. I'm proud of my iron bladder.
  4. Twiek

    Request to Join!

    Burpee has the same AFK-syndrome that Utter does, so I bet they'd get along just fine
  5. Gotta love a good 'ole Ocean Marketing reference.
  6. Twiek

    Oh ffs I am grey already

    Same here! Written in Basic, stored on a cassette tape. Raid On Fort Knox was on of my first "PC" games, too... the VIC20 was awesome.
  7. Twiek

    Merry Christmas fellows!!!

    Same to you Samson. Hope you're doing well
  8. Twiek

    KG's Intro - Done

    Good playing with you last night, Kris.
  9. Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and now, Princess Leia

  10. The Orange Box is *5 years old*

  11. Twiek


    I did the preorder and I have the beta installed... but the regular one just says "is coming soon"
  12. Twiek


    Is this not downloadable? Mine still says "is coming soon"
  13. Just backed my first Kickstarter http://kck.st/MCd45A

    1. Charlie Utter

      Charlie Utter

      I love Kiickstarter! I just backed my 14th one yesterday!

  14. Twiek

    Squirrel Jerky

    I've heard a lot of anecdotes that squirrel is tasty.
  15. Good greif. Anyone watching the olympics? That was like a Harlem Globetrotter's game...

    1. Acc


      What olympics?

  16. Twiek

    Steam Summer Sale Badge

    VIP gets you 50%, not double. You can get double XP, but you have to purchase a doubler. The advantage there is that it doubles the 50% that VIP already added, so it's basically 3 times what you'd earn if you weren't VIP.
  17. Twiek

    Steam Summer Sale Badge

    Agreed. I still don't understand complaints about the Free-to-Play model...
  18. Twiek

    Steam Summer Sale Badge

    w00t! Fresh blood!
  19. Twiek

    Steam Summer Sale Badge

    I bought the Dark Forces series for $11. I loves me some 17 year old games!
  20. Twiek

    New pants pls...

    I hope they're referring to the guy standing up, because the guy in the back of the panel van went for a hell of a ride...
  21. Welcome! If you've pubbed T:A with Cid or Jester, I've probably played with you a time or two and didn't know it. Great to have you on board!