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  1. Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale Game that just released!  It's F2P and brought to you by the team that did Titanfall 1 & 2!!!

  2. New Battle Royale Game coming out: Fractured Lands - PUBG meets Mad Max!

  3. Updated Forums will updated TS next time I see you on!
  4. Heya Sofer! Been good playing with ya! I upgraded you in the forums so you should see more of them. Next time you are in TS I will do that as well!
  5. PUBG will release it's new Desert Map at the end of December!

  6. Welcome! I have upgraded you to Recruit in the Forums and Teamspeak! See ya in PUBG!
  7. Conan Exiles: Phase 2 hits 08/16!

  8. Welcome back! I've adjusted your Forum Status. I used to live in the Plano/McKinney area about 10 years ago!
  9. Hey BigPete! I have moved you up to regular member! Welcome back!
  10. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a blast!


    1. Rhukk


      This game is awesome my son talked me in to getting it.

  11. Conan Exiles is out and and it's freaking awesome!


  12. Hey Ziie!, Welcome to BwA! I've bumped you up to Boot Camp level so you should be able to see more of the forums!
  13. Conan Exiles Early Release in 12 days!

  14. No, the truth is we usually don't respond to trolling and insults. But since the ban message you received in game wasn't enough for you, here is why you were banned: You were banned for having signs with Swastika's, Anti-Semitism and Racism on them. Server messages go by every 5 min stating those are against the rules, you were asked to removed them and when you didn't you were banned. Add to that, several of your team had already been warned for using slurs. Also, coming into our forums and name calling doesn't win you any points either.
  15. -=BwA=- will be playing on the Riddle of Steel Server
  16. Conan Exiles releases on 01/31/17 in Early Access!

  17. Been good running with ya Legion! I've bumped you up to recruit status in TS and the Forums.
  18. We are currently playing on The House that Rust Built
  19. Odd, updated him to recruit when he was on last. Guess I'll chock that up to the old Failboat......
  20. We've been there a while, it still said Persephone so I just changed it.
  21. Welcome Pilot! I'll get with you when I am on tonight!
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