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  1. Another gathering..... Another year of drinking too much on the first night. Tradition baby!!!!
  2. Hey bud, good to see ya jump on again!
  3. Hey Welbourne, I removed your phone number, simply because this area of the forum is public, and you just never know who or what is prowling looking for info. Feel free to send bort a private message or wait till you can see the member area to post it, just to be safe.
  4. WEL-come........... WEL-bourne yeah, thats the best i could do
  5. lol, thanks for posting up bro!! Rusty rifle is right, but I will be glad to participate in hopes that it will help the tourney to have another participant. I'm sure a few others will be glad to hop in as well. See ya there! BTW, may want to throw up the date so people will know when it is and if they will be able to make it.
  6. Hey Lupe, check us out on Teamspeak when you get the chance! Our address is:
  7. Was good playin with ya for sure!!
  8. Patch just released, updating now.
  9. Tool has a friend? I am not sure we want anyone that is desperate enough to call TOOL a friend.... hmmm Application under review!
  10. I guess u have to cling to what little thread u have to cling to eh hiry?
  11. Dox...... I appreciate you taking time to come into our forums to state your views. While we like everyone to have a voice, I dont think this is the proper venue to address the issue here in our forums. I am not aware of the split of OBC other then the obvious fact that there are two OBC's that now have websites. I am not sure of the back story on it, and to be honest, dont really want to get involved either way. We have kept BwA, with the occasional rift, relatively drama free for the past 3 1/2 years, and would really prefer to keep it that way. As I said, I do appreciate you taking the time to post your feelings in our forums, but since Tiger made no mention of the items you posted about, I would rather keep the differences between you guys, out of our forums if possible. For that reason, I am removing your post, not because I do not WANT you to post, but because I do not want to encourage further retaliation from either side in our forums. If tiger or anyone else comes and states things about the other, then their post will also be removed. We do welcome anyone and everyone to the forums/servers for some friendly chatter and gaming. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to shoot me a PM.
  12. I dont know, I dont think I have ever seen Phelps do that. but I dont really watch interviews and documentary's on people that much.... so maybe I just havent seen it. I didnt watch the video, as I dont really care..... but he is one fast individual for sure.
  13. Yeah, your yugo and gremlin was out back.... I didnt get pics of em.
  14. Sorry for the crap phone shots, but went with a friend to pick up his ferrari, and had to share this shop. Was amazing seeing all the Ferraris in one shop. Some of them are quite rare. Oh wait, theres another side as well..... And here they are SOME of them moved outside.... An old classic and one of my favorites to this day.... A cup car they work on and maintain.... And this is my friends car that we were picking up. This is from last year after i had polished and detailed it... To say it was an impressive shop would definitely be an understatement!
  15. I think he is only out till tomorrrow, so I am sure he will hit you up as soon as he returns.
  16. Ummmm, yeah Im pretty sure thats NEVER the case...... EVER!
  17. Like JW, I can not even begin to conjure the words worthy of saying in such a difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you brother. As others have made clear... if you need ANYTHING.... all you have to do is say the word.
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