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  1. after update it seems you have to use only this ip now
  2. Howdy Pete! Thanks for stoppng by!
  3. TEAM SPEAK: When on our servers, you must be logged into Team Speak and use the "Push to Talk" mode. This is mandatory. Please go in the correct room in Team Speak,
  4. Ok denied , your a rule breaker like your husband
  5. Let me see if you can pass this quiz? If you are in say the H1Z1 channel in team speak, what game should you be playing?
  6. Idk, you hang with iffy, rule breaking, bad influences!
  7. We wont hold knowing Utter (Darrin) against you! Welcome to BwA!
  8. Yes, there is/was another Better with Age that if I remember correctly had a big COD base and was mostly consoles
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