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  1. Don't worry Prag, I'm pretty sure they'll figure out soon enough that I'm capable of sabotaging pretty much anything on my own. Especially my own reputation.
  2. 'Allo there... name is Kheg (or more formally Khegobier). I'm here hopefully looking for a place to not feel quite so old as a gamer, that'd be a 38 year old with kids that are now starting to outstrip me in my gaming acumen. Either way, I found you all through karms, Prag, Froze and a few others in ArcheAge and have been hanging out across a few more titles over the last year. The only thing I can probably promise is to have to go AFK at the most inopportune time because that's what having kids means. Other than that, looking forward to checking out some other titles along the way and showing off my impressive fractional K2D ratios as I do it. /wall'o'text
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