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  1. lol thanks jester. so i got my surgery done, and once im able to move my arm, ill grind some h1z1 with ya! should be a week or two
  2. Hey everyone! Sorry I ghosted on ya for a couple weeks. Been very busy, just completely forgot about gaming. I should be able to play for some time, i get surgery next monday which puts me out for 4-6 months. Thanks for all the greetings! -Moreli
  3. Thanks everyone! Utter, went through /r H1Z1LFG trying to find groups that were 21+. Just stumbled across yours
  4. Hi there! Just hoping to join you guys! A friend of mine will come on here soon and apply as well. Im 24, married with a son(6 months old, Titus), and primarily play H1Z1, Minecraft, really anything else I can get my hands on though, I'll try out. I have been a part of communities/clans/guilds since I was about 12/13, so I have a little experience... Anyways. Looking forward to playing! -Moreli
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