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  1. Whats up guys. I would like to join your clan and play some games with you all. I'm friends IRL with Window and play Day of Infamy with him on a regular basis. He told me you guys like Rust and similar types of games. I'm a big fan of Don't Starve (together) and games like that too. I got Rust on my wishlist right now, just waiting for a sale. If it matters, I'm 30 years old. Looking forward to playing with yall, Hotbish (Josh)
  2. Thanks for the welcome. As for games, i like most FPS's. Borderlands 2 , Tribes, Day Z. Whatevers good. Just don't ask me to play Dota or dota type games. I despise them lol.
  3. Hi, Im looking to play some games with a few friends.
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