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  1. thanks Charlie. i missed everyone like nobody's business. i have been boycotting tech for the past 2 years (some by choice and some by circumstance) no inthernet, phone tv and very little radio. But now i have come back to civilization. its good to be back. thanks again.
  2. hey to all who know me and nice to meet you to all those that don't. didn't we have a map that displayed everyone's location? the new format (new to me anyway) has me thrown off a bit. i just moved to the Dallas area and i know that there are some of us here also and i was kinda excited to be close to some of my fellow BWA members. either way, im in prosper hit me up anyone im kinda new to the area and open for any advice on the city. glad to be back again, and again, and yet again...LOL (bad joke)
  3. where did u go?

    1. Riggs


      Where did who go? :)

    2. rnroughneck


      right. im still here trying to move into new house and keep life together. thanks for thinking about me guys.

  4. i have just one word...SICK!
  5. i need to know what the ip is for teamspeak
  6. i was looking at the site and after deciding that this was the clan for me i just so hapend to stumble upon booger. he in vited me to join so here i am. i am 30 years old and have been playing warz for about a month now. lifetime gamer looking forward to running with you all. thanks
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