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    New Rig Pics

    OK, so many of my friends have asked for pics of the new rig so here goes... First, here are the rig specs: case Silverstone Raven RV02 http://www.newegg.co...N82E16811163173 psu Corsair 1200 Professional Gold http://www.newegg.co...N82E16817139014 cpu Core i7 3770K http://www.maximumpc...ets_benchmarked mobo GIGABYTE G1.Sniper 3 Gaming Motherboard http://www.gigabyte....spx?pid=4169#sp ram Gskill Ripjaw 4x4G 16G PC3 17000 http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820231476 gpu 3 x EVGA GTX680 TRIPLE-SLI http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814130768 3 590 1770 ssd 3 x OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS Edition (120Gig x 3 = 360Gig) http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820227714 ssd 2 x IntelX25-M SSD (120Gig x 2 = 240Gig) http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820167035 1. Here is a pic of the stealth ssd OS drive bay with the other two vertex in the czge on top. 2. Pic of the PSU in and the SSD bay in. You'll notice the vertical airflow here that makes this one of the best cases around for OC and multi-GPU setups. these fans are massive (180mm) and create an enormous amount of airflow. The Raven innovates with its left panel mounting and 90-degree orientation. Heat is no longer vented out the rear of the case, but rather upward where heat is most likely to go. this is why i own two of these cases and will likely never use any other orientation again. 3. these two pics are of the Notcua HSF (which is the size of my head btw). Massive doesnt even begin to describe this thing. initially, the cpu is idling 10c cooler than my i7930 in the same case with a large HSF of its own. im expecting OC to go very well with this new hsf. Funny note, notice the backplate cutout in the pics. this normally aligns with mobos but my mobo being quadSLI didnt align with this and i got TOTALLY done installing everything except the cpu/hsf and even wired it all up when i realized this. so i had to pull everything out, remove the mobo, put on teh backplate then start again. this was 'that one thing' that always goes wrong with a build regardless of how well you plan (twiek is grinning right now as he knows this truth as well as anyone) 4. Pic of the best gaming mobo on the planet at the moment. if you are interested in mobo design and capabilities, you should definitely check out the link above for this mofo, its sweet. Second pic is ram installed. 5. These pics are of the 680s going in. i honestly can say that ive never had so much fun building a machine than the few minutes i got to put these three in. it was almost fun taking them out (see error above) and putting them in the second time. what i will say is that because of the size, you cannot add or remove a harddrive or a sata cable with them in and because of the lever used on the bridge to hold them in, you have to take them out in order and the size of the hsf means to take the cards out, the hsf has to come off so i doubt ill be removing them for any reason anytime soon... 6. Pics from two angles after the cpu and hsf are added. as you can see, there is literally no room left in what is one of the largest cases around. you can also see in the first pic just how perfect the airflow is. a 180 blowing up on the hsf, two 140s adding in the same direction on hte cpu and then a 120 at the top pushing it out. essentially the cpu alone gets bookoo CFM in the passive direction that heat will move without fans. in fact, if run my current rig (same setup) wihtout the case fans even running and you'd be amazed at how much heat dissipation occurs solely from the case design / mobo orientation and then once you add the monster fans and such, its insane the amount of heat it handles. ancillary benefit is i can cook breakfast with frying pan on top of hte machine when its loaded. i actually burned my hand on the top plate (top for me back for most) of my 580s once while the temp inside the case really wasnt that bad. 7. top view and standing side view with and without the side panel...it weighs like 75 freakin pounds fully loaded...last of these 5 pics shows the cool stickers that came with teh mobo. some may find it tacky, i liked them. 8. pic of the whole office with the machine in position. you'll see my current dual-580 and i7-930 sitting next to her now big brother. arent they cute. also some of you get to see my office where you can see my work monitor and laptop (left) and my gaming station with the three 27"s (right) which explains how i can reply to posts and check forums 1,000 times a day while working muahahahahaha.... As far as games, i have yet to install everything, i havent even seen it run a game yet so ill work on that later this weekend and once im up and running ill post up some comparisons on framerates, temps, etc for the nerds out there. thanks for taking the time to read my build-blog....if anyone has questions, lemme know... LASTLY, I CANT THANK TWIEK ENOUGH! YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR ME BRO AND YOU COME THROUGH EVERY TIME. IF IT WERENT FOR YOU, THIS RIG WOULDNT BE THE CID-FLAGSHIP THAT IT IS! YOU ARE A GOD AMONG MEN. SORRY MY MACHINE IS 'BETTER' BUT AT LEAST YOU HAVE THE VERTEX PRE-WIN RAID SPEED ON ME STILL WHICH WILL MAKE YOU LOAD MAPS FASTER EVEN IF I BEAT YOUR BENCHMARKS... lastly... can farva find the easter egg in the pics????
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    Gator Girl

    Request to join BwA

    JW, you assume I would be in team speak, you guys chit chat too much!! But if I was in the H1Z1 channel in team speak, I'd be playing any game I want!
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    Request to join BwA

    It's like the late great Biggie Smalls once said "Mo Utters, Mo Problems" Welcome to -=BwA=- GatorGirl!
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    MerderKillgore reporting for duty

    omg, you are his real life brother? i dont think i have ever felt sorrow like that for someone before. my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    Charlie Utter

    War Z Recruiting

    Here are some basic rules that we have if you want to join our War Z Clan: 1) Must be fluent in English 2) You will not get access to our Private Server as soon as you join. Only Full Members have access to it. You will have to go through a 3-4 week recruit status before you are made a full member. 3) You MUST create a thread in the "Request to Join BwA" area of the forums with your request to join. You need to go into detail as to why you want to join us. 4) We have the right to deny any request to join. We have a good group and if we feel that you won't fit in, you won't get in.
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    Dr3m3r wants to join BwA T:A team

    IM HERE!!! Ragtimewillie bam-ba-lam? oh, it is on.
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    Thank you all very much for the warm welcome and awesome night of Boulder City action. Last night proved to me that WarZ has all the potential I knew it had. I had an incredible time and can't wait until I can roam the streets with you guys again. Thank you all for your patience and help, but most of all, thank you very much for letting me join your clan.
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    Can't Hear Teamspeak While In CS:GO?

    Windows has a default setting to enable audio ducking. This reduces the volume of other applications when Windows detects a program that is of a "communications nature." So when you open CS:GO, it reduces the volume of teamspeak to almost nothing. One might ask, "So how do I fix this?!" Farva might say, "I WANT PICTAR!" Oh have no fear, I'll provide. Right click the volume indicator in the bottom right of windows and click "Sounds", or, for those of you who don't have this system icon enabled, go into control panel, search "Sound", and click the main header for the sound section. Click the "Communications" tab and select "Do Nothing." After this is done, you'll want to go into your Volume Mixer (taskbar Icon: right click > Open Volume Mixer | Control panel: "Adjust system volume"), and max out the volume on everything so that all programs are at the same level as your speakers / primary sound device (or mix them as you see fit, this is how you make music play softer than a teamspeak which is louder than a game, etc. etc.) EDIT: An additional note, CS:GO seems to be EXCEPTIONALLY loud as far as shooters go. I play all my Source games at .3 volume, I play CS:GO at .1-.2, depending on who's in teamspeak. Hit console, type "volume .3", play game. Default source volume is "1". This post has been promoted to an article
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    Request to join BwA

    I was playing Insurgency. On VOX.
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    Request to Join!

    Glad to see nothing has changed.. I apologize in advance for the moment you have to meet me. At that point it is Cid's fault
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    Dr3m3r wants to join BwA T:A team

    Hey guys, SO I am wanting to officially join BwA in the T:A universe. I like chasing down cappers on drydock, and getting in and out from behind on a back to front on Arx, have been known to knife a sniper and love raping the gens. I have a tender side as well, I enjoy sweet talking others with my fantastic communication skills "IM 20 OUT FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK", and my personal favorite "LEFT, LEFT, LEFT .... shit RIGHT!!!". But in all seriousness since gosu split up I want to maintain playing the game with a team where I can have fun, enjoy the game and play comp with. If you will take me into your group, I will gladly begin becoming Karms 2.0 ... .err..... Thanks for your consideration Dr3m3r
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    War Z app. - Done

    Welcome! And yes Utter has RL friends. He pays them monthly.........................
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    FreddieW BF3 Commercial

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