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  2. Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale Game that just released!  It's F2P and brought to you by the team that did Titanfall 1 & 2!!!

  3. Another gathering..... Another year of drinking too much on the first night. Tradition baby!!!!
  4. Watch it Shirley. Get back to nursing your peach schnapps
  5. Crap...... Wrong account apparently
  6. New Battle Royale Game coming out: Fractured Lands - PUBG meets Mad Max!

  7. Updated Forums will updated TS next time I see you on!
  8. Hi all. Old timer looking to get back in.
  9. I endorse this application. There is also a twin brother around here somewhere I have also been trying to recruit... but getting one will be a start. Welcome sir, you meet the requirements satisfactorily!
  10. welcome aboard. condolences on knowing window. get with utter and get setup'stuff.
  11. Whats up guys. I would like to join your clan and play some games with you all. I'm friends IRL with Window and play Day of Infamy with him on a regular basis. He told me you guys like Rust and similar types of games. I'm a big fan of Don't Starve (together) and games like that too. I got Rust on my wishlist right now, just waiting for a sale. If it matters, I'm 30 years old. Looking forward to playing with yall, Hotbish (Josh)
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