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  1. Request to Join

    welcome aboard. sorry about utter.
  2. Request to join

    welcome aboard, nice to meet you
  3. welcome to our forums, thanks for your post. is your question about having come in channel and nobody every noticed you or came to greet you? If so, please look for me when you are in (i am on nearly every night 9pm-midnight) and i'll be happy to assist. if your problem is not what i am describing, please clarify.
  4. request to rejoin

    welcome back, utter will get you situated..
  5. CIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!! Are we no longer on Team Speak? We moved to Ventrillo?  I need the deets bruddah!

    1. Cid


      it is teamspeak, i just say vent out of habit.  


    2. Charlie Utter

      Charlie Utter

      Will that still work?  I know a recent patch you had to use the IP address now.

    3. Dr3m3r


      I figured it out (like the 9 days later necro response....)

  6. Request to Join Up

    playing with twiek and burpee and knowing twiek IRL on top of that sounds like a brutal existence. sorry to hear about that. on the other hand, welcome aboard, we'll try and make it better for you, we certainly have much more to offer than you're getting from the two of them.

    and by the way, it is YOU'RE not YOUR, and the word is SITE not CITE. you'll learn that when you get to your 8th grade english class.
  8. Application to Join !!!

    welcome aboard black. ive enjoyed playing iwth you, its about time we saw this post. utter, ill fast track him as he's been around for months.
  9. Application to join

    hi, welcome aboard. utter will get with you for onboarding. thanks for your interest in bwa.
  10. Application to Join

    well, i made him member (i thought it said visitor but maybe it said recruit and i failboated it). if you didnt do member, then you may want to change him back to w/e you had before, apologies.
  11. Application to Join

    I updated Fuzzy's TS permissions (he was sitting in the lobby unable to move around). i'll defer to utter, as the queen of bwa, on all other utter actvities.
  12. Application to Join

    nice to meet you. welcome aboard. utter will get with you on utter stuff.
  13. Request to join.

    welcome aboard
  14. Application to join

    sorry i missed you, one of us can set you up tonight if you are on
  15. Application to join

    welcome aboard. i see that you like naked men chasing each other with rocks. you'll fit right in. Utter is the resident naked men expert. Nice to have you here.