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  1. Im Back!

    Hey bud, good to see ya jump on again!
  2. Application for Membership - Done

    Hey Welbourne, I removed your phone number, simply because this area of the forum is public, and you just never know who or what is prowling looking for info. Feel free to send bort a private message or wait till you can see the member area to post it, just to be safe.
  3. Application for Membership - Done

    WEL-come........... WEL-bourne yeah, thats the best i could do
  4. 225.00 CSS tourny....

    lol, thanks for posting up bro!! Rusty rifle is right, but I will be glad to participate in hopes that it will help the tourney to have another participant. I'm sure a few others will be glad to hop in as well. See ya there! BTW, may want to throw up the date so people will know when it is and if they will be able to make it.
  5. BwA WarZ application - Done

    Hey Lupe, check us out on Teamspeak when you get the chance! Our address is:
  6. KG's Intro - Done

    Was good playin with ya for sure!!
  7. New Member App - draugr - Done

    Patch just released, updating now.
  8. Hay everyone ^_^

    Tool has a friend? I am not sure we want anyone that is desperate enough to call TOOL a friend.... hmmm Application under review!
  9. Just popped in

  10. Can't Hear Teamspeak While In CS:GO?

    Good stuff! pinned
  11. knock knock

    Hey Hey!!
  12. Usain Bolt

    I guess u have to cling to what little thread u have to cling to eh hiry?