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    Heya Sofer! Been good playing with ya! I upgraded you in the forums so you should see more of them. Next time you are in TS I will do that as well!
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    welcome aboard. sorry about utter.
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    I would like to join BwA. I've played PUBG with several members.
  7. PUBG will release it's new Desert Map at the end of December!

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    Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove..... Sup.
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    Welcome! I have upgraded you to Recruit in the Forums and Teamspeak! See ya in PUBG!
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    welcome aboard, nice to meet you
  12. Request to join

    Looking to join, I've played some PUBG with a few members.
  13. welcome to our forums, thanks for your post. is your question about having come in channel and nobody every noticed you or came to greet you? If so, please look for me when you are in (i am on nearly every night 9pm-midnight) and i'll be happy to assist. if your problem is not what i am describing, please clarify.
  14. I did the same. Nothing there in channel. Has anyone the same problem ? is this normal? طراحی سایت نویا سیستم
  15. Conan Exiles: Phase 2 hits 08/16!

  16. what is BwA up to

  17. I'm back guys!!!

    thanks Charlie. i missed everyone like nobody's business. i have been boycotting tech for the past 2 years (some by choice and some by circumstance) no inthernet, phone tv and very little radio. But now i have come back to civilization. its good to be back. thanks again.
  18. I'm back guys!!!

    Welcome back! I've adjusted your Forum Status. I used to live in the Plano/McKinney area about 10 years ago!
  19. I'm back guys!!!

    hey to all who know me and nice to meet you to all those that don't. didn't we have a map that displayed everyone's location? the new format (new to me anyway) has me thrown off a bit. i just moved to the Dallas area and i know that there are some of us here also and i was kinda excited to be close to some of my fellow BWA members. either way, im in prosper hit me up anyone im kinda new to the area and open for any advice on the city. glad to be back again, and again, and yet again...LOL (bad joke)
  20. request to rejoin

    Hey BigPete! I have moved you up to regular member! Welcome back!
  21. request to rejoin

    Welcome back!
  22. request to rejoin

    ok and i just realized that i did not update my email it is now correct and thanks love to be back
  23. request to rejoin

    Arrgh! Ye betcha!
  24. request to rejoin

    welcome back, utter will get you situated..
  25. request to rejoin

    hello BwA i was hoping that i may rejoin if u have me
  26. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a blast!


    1. Rhukk


      This game is awesome my son talked me in to getting it.

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